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Show and Tell: Using Video to Meet Your Objective

If you own a business or have a hand in running one, you know that setting goals and establishing strategies to meet them are critical to success. And if just reading that sentence makes you feel, well, a little tired, it’s OK—you’re not alone. We’re here to assure you that there is a simple way to infuse variety, creativity and, yes, even a little fun into your plans and proposals. This month, we explore the benefits of using video to meet your objective.

We’ll start by reiterating the well-established fact that consumers just prefer video. They appreciate its unparalleled versatility, accessibility and ability to captivate, which are the very characteristics that make it an essential tool for your operations. And considering the role communication plays in your business goals—from the annual to the everyday—leveraging video to achieve them is easier than you may think.

Pleased to Inform

Whatever their additional, more refined objectives, most communication pieces serve to share information. In business, the most universal example of this would be the company overview; think of your website’s “About Us” or “Who We Are” page. Bring it to life with limitless possibilities for sight, sound and motion, and you’ve got an impressive corporate video.

Last month, we shared some of our favorite types of marketing videos, elements of which many corporate videos mix and match. For example, a little company history, some behind-the-scenes action and interviews with key players can combine for maximum effectiveness. And your primary overview video is just the beginning; use video to instruct, introduce, announce or otherwise inform your target audience.

Ready to Engage

If content is king, then video is its crown jewel (or something like that; you get the idea). Frequent engagement with your customers, clients, prospects and the public is key in maintaining their awareness and interest, which makes content sharing a priority. But content is only as good as its quality and execution—another reason to think video.

Personal, powerful and more practical for a busy consumer, video can accomplish much more than silent words and still images. Enhance your social media posts, add video to your website or create a video newsletter, and expect a better response. 

Willing to Work

Looking to hire? Supplement those necessary written descriptions of responsibilities and requirements with a creative recruitment video. As the ultimate show-and-tell, video can attract not only great talent but the best all-around fit for your team and the job.

Showcase your company, facility and workplace culture in just the right strategic measures. Choose a video format and style, as well as music, graphics and other production elements, that accurately reflect your company’s vibe. Then, let your finished product live everywhere it can; by the time they click “apply,” the ideal candidate will already feel at home.

Active in Advertising    

“Video advertisement” may sound like another term for “TV commercial,” and in the past, that might have been all it was. But today, where there’s a screen, there’s potential for activity—and that means ads no longer have to stand still.

Social media sites, streaming services, OTT and other digital platforms have revolutionized advertising, and opportunities continue to evolve. As with social media content itself, digital ads can easily incorporate video—as a visual complement to written elements, or as an online “commercial” on its own. Most platforms offer options for length, ad type and other specifications, giving the modern “small screen” some of the biggest (and fastest growing) advertising potential.  

For these and countless other abilities video boasts, it pays to maximize your use of this here-to-stay medium. Fortunately, using video to meet your objective isn’t hard to do—especially with the experience and guidance we’re here to provide. If you’re ready to go from tired to inspired, contact us today.

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