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The Top Five Reasons to Book a Studio for Your Next Shoot

Whether you’re filming a 15-second social media clip, a 30-second commercial or a long-form corporate video, you’ll first need to decide on a few elements: a location for your production and the equipment and services to bring it to life. Generally, in a studio or on location are your two primary options for shooting locales—but which better suits your needs? With that in mind, here are the top five reasons to book a studio for your next production.

1) Versatility

When you choose the studio route, your production space is essentially a blank canvas—inviting you to dress it up to match your vision. A large green or white corner cyclorama wall can teleport you to your location while offering the convenience and simplicity of a studio setting. At the same time, flexible standing sets can help you customize the space to the look you need.

2) Controlled Environment

Shooting on location can pose logistical problems for even the most experienced crews—in public areas you need to schedule time and receive the proper permits in order to begin a production. On the other hand, you don’t have to jump through hoops to book studio time; hosting your production is a studio’s primary purpose. Once you book, the time is locked in and your show will go on, rain or shine—there’s no need to worry about delays or shutdowns from unpredictable outside factors. A studio can also provide you with sound suppression to ensure high-quality audio for any project, with no pesky background noise.

3) Fixed Lighting

It can be difficult to achieve the right look and feel for a shoot when you’re not in a studio—even if you’re shooting at an interior location with “good” lighting. Natural light streaming through windows can change over a day, by the hour or even minute to minute. Shooting on location while outside can present even more issues, requiring diffusers and reflectors to capture the right lighting. Conversely, a studio allows you to get just the right look, at any time.

4) Start-to-Finish Production Capabilities

Have you considered your postproduction needs? A studio can offer a greenscreen, a voiceover booth, professional mics and more—in one location. By choosing a studio that provides these full-service, postproduction capabilities, you’ll be able to record any needed voiceovers and even work on editing all in one booking.

5) Accommodations and Convenience

When shooting on location, do you know where your talent can do hair and makeup? Are there any nearby bathrooms? Is there a safe and accessible parking lot? These are all serious considerations for your crew. Many studios provide access to parking, restrooms and more, and can let you avoid the unnecessary headache of having to schedule additional amenities and accommodations.

Elevate Your Production with Level Two

When you need flexible, creative, top-of-the-line studio space for your next video or photo shoot, be sure to check out Level Two Studios in Springfield, Massachusetts. When you book studio time with us, you’ll have easy and safe access to parking, a secure area where you can store equipment for multi-day shoots, reliable lighting, free Wi-Fi, restrooms, a green room and more. In addition to our studio space, we have a state-of-the-art video edit suite and an audio studio equipped with Adobe Creative Suite—providing complete postproduction capabilities.

Everything you need is right here! We’re here to help with whatever you may need, alongside our agency partner, Market Mentors. Contact us to get started today!

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