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Set the Stage for Your Shoot With a Cyclorama Wall

A cyclorama wall may sound like complicated and unfamiliar technology straight out of a science fiction film, but it’s really quite simple. In reality, it’s a concept that can greatly improve any shoot—a wall that incorporates one or more curved surfaces to create the illusion of great depth. When used correctly, it’s impossible to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins. In this blog, we explain how you can set the stage for your shoot and take your project to the next level with the use of the Level Two Studios cyc wall.

How Can a Cyclorama Wall Help Your Project?

Cyc walls are everywhere; you just may not have noticed due to the visual illusion they create. Whether you’re shooting still photography or producing a video, the wall helps make your background almost disappear, providing the following benefits:

  • The impression of unlimited space
  • A background for all types of possible lighting
  • A smooth background for greenscreen effects

At 25’ x 11’, not only is our setup capable of handling larger shoots, but we are also able to adjust the color between green and white to suit your specific needs. Green is naturally more suitable for chroma key effects in postproduction while white is preferable as a neutral background that serves as a blank canvas for whatever creative art direction you can imagine.

The Full-Service Studio at Level Two

Not only do we offer one of the only cyc wall setups in western Massachusetts, but we provide a full-service experience to accompany it. With free, easy-access parking and a secure, conveniently located studio next to two major highways, you’ll be able to get right down to business without concern. Additionally, our fully equipped studio offers the technology, functionality and versatility you need to bring your video or photo shoot to life, including:

  • Flexible standing sets that provide endless customization options
  • Full lighting
  • Blackout walls
  • Sound suppression
  • A fully equipped video editing suite for postproduction

An audio studio

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